Kevin Stacey

Session 2: How to Be Mentally Tough and Resilient in Challenging Times

Much of life is out of our control. Join us in this session to learn to pay more attention to what you can control- your internal reactions and mental activity. Learn what you can stop doing that accomplishes nothing but to make things worse than they already have to be. Challenging times are stressful. It’s important to acknowledge that. But let’s minimize the self-created and self-inflicted stress.

Session Objectives:

  • Have a “rapid response” defense system to combat negativity and the brain’s negativity bias.
  • Gain more mental focus on the job at hand and waste less energy on distractions or frustrations.
  • Be more aware of your internal self-talk and shift what dwelling on when it’s counterproductive.
  • Counter cognitive distortions with rational thinking.
  • Break the cycle of “obsession paralysis” and the habit of blowing things out of proportion and making them worse than they really are.
  • Melt your own “mental snowballs.”

Become more flexible and adaptable and stop feeling unsettled by circumstances that are uncontrollable.


Kevin Stacey, MBA, is an effectiveness expert, author, and former brain imaging specialist who removes barriers to performance, boosts resiliency, and accelerates results- no matter what. He combines his military background, management training, experience as a healthcare clinician, and successful manager at the nation’s largest managed care company to be a catalyst for workplace improvement. After starting his medical career at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Kevin now brings the principals of neuroscience into the modern business world to effect change from the inside-out. He works with organizations and leaders to help them become more effective, productive and profitable. His programs provide concrete information and practical solutions for business problems. Kevin’s knowledge, experience, warm demeanor and sense of humor create a human connection that motivates people to make positive changes and assume personal responsibility for their circumstances.

Kevin has a proven record of helping organizations enhance their effectiveness and bottom line. From IBM, The New York Times, Ford Motor Company, JP Morgan Chase, Pharmacia, Bayer, Goody Hair Care, United Technologies, Boeing, and Sara Lee, he has worked with the world’s best and brightest and studied the effects of self-created problems in organizations and individuals along with the most effective antidotes to combat it. His services help these and other clients achieve increased performance, sales, higher employee retention, greater job satisfaction, and improved service quality. He is CEO and founder of TrainRight, Inc., with a highly-skilled team of facilitators offering programs globally. Click here to see Kevin’s media kit.