Kelly Orchard

Session 3: How to Be a Badass No Matter What

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Confident. Be Badass! I certify badasses by teaching you to flip the format on your fears and be Badass, no matter what!

Your Attitude Determines Your Success. Badass Session is fun and informative and will give you an injection of positivity that will improve your attitude.

Art, including movies, music, or books, has the ability to transform a person. It can create new experiences, expand our perspective, stretch our senses, thoughts, and emotions, and change how we live our daily lives. Music and movement are my favorite tools to maintain a positive mindset, even in the most challenging times. I’ll introduce you to how you too, can master your mindset with music and create your own Badass Soundtrack, a universal yet personalized tool to be a Badass no matter what!

Come for the experience, join a community, get motivated and inspired and discover fresh possibilities for a Certifiably Badass Life!

It’s like CPR for your mental health.


Kelly Orchard is a powerful story-teller – a craft she honed with her three decades in radio as part of family-owned operation, FCC Compliance consulting, and visiting hundreds of broadcast facilities.  A second-generation radio broadcaster, with over 38 years of business experience including sales, operations, management, ownership, and consulting.  Kelly knows that the core problem for most people is fear. Kelly is also a Licensed Psychotherapist specializing in anxiety, depression, stress, and other behavioral health issues that are so prevalent in today’s business environments, and teaches how to confront your fears and turn them into strengths, providing you with tools to adjust your attitude by incorporating the latest cognitive behavioral therapies that apply to both professional and personal life.  

Kelly is the author of 5 books, including her signature prescriptive memoir, Heart Lessons, and her series of motivational and inspirational books, Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day, a book for each of the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter that provide daily nourishment for wisdom, success and personal growth. Kelly Orchard’s Apple A Day is also a podcast, hosted on all the major platforms, and she hosts a series of videos, “Mustang Monday, BadAss Tips From the Streets”, where guests hop in the seat of her 2006 Ford Mustang GT and share a badass tip about business, personal accomplishments, building confidence and other prevalent topics that lead to living life Licensed 2B Badass.

She offers a blend of accessible training and tools that promote personal growth and well-being, simultaneously helping your team actually work together like a team.  

Kelly can be reached at or 760-887-4444.