More than ever, business leaders must guide their teams to be
resilient and responsive in a continually changing environment.

Resilience Summit 2020 brings together six leading experts to share
perspectives, skills, and relevant takeaways to
help your company adapt, innovate, and grow stronger.

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6 National Experts;
6 Approaches to Resiliency

Unprecedented conditions present unprecedented challenges for business leaders like you. That's why we put together Resiliency Summit 2020.

The six of us have teamed up to combine our areas of expertise: psychology, leadership, business, communication, and parenting. We have come together to share our different perspectives that will help calm your fears and shift your mindset. We want you to access both your internal and external resources as you move forward into the future.

Over three days, we’ll cover topics including the science of hopefulness, working from home, influence and communication, mental toughness, the work/family balance, and having a badass attitude... something we all need right now.

Although we typically command four and five-figure fees each for just one appearance, we offer you our gift of these six live sessions presented at our cost.



One lucky registrant will win an Apple Watch. Find out the details after you complete your registration for Resilience Summit 2020.

Six Sessions with Six Experts

Tuesday, May 12, 1 PM Eastern

Session 1:

Libby Gill

The Journey of Change
Through the Lens of Hope

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Wednesday, May 13, 1 PM Eastern

Session 3:

Kelly Orchard

How to Be Badass
No Matter What!

Thursday, May 14, 1 PM Eastern

Session 5:

Dr. Ryan Darby

Turn Frustration Into Fascination: How to Be an
Incredible Parent in 2020

Tuesday, May 12, 2 PM Eastern

Session 2:

Kevin Stacey

How to Build Mental Resiliency in Challenging Times

Wednesday, May 13, 2 PM Eastern

Session 4:

Alfred Poor

Working from Home:
Not as Easy as It Looks!

Thursday, May 14, 2 PM Eastern

Session 6:

Skip Weisman

The 3 Communication Traits of
Highly Resilient People

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